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Elite Athletic Performance

EAP was initially designed for baseball pitchers and overhead throwers. The biomechanical analysis program uses objective measurements and data collected from elite college and professional athletes at the ASMI (American Sport Medicine Institute) in Birmingham Alabama.

EAP is Offered to Athletes of All Ages

EAP is designed to maximize athletic potential and reduce risk of injury using complex biomechanical software and a thorough orthopedic evaluation of strength and flexibility.

We also now have the capability to evaluate athletic performance in the following:

  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Running
  • Baseball (now including Hitting)
  • Football (now including Long-snapping)

The Elite Athletic Performance Program Consists of 5 Parts

  1. Complete Musculoskeletal Evaluation and Assessment (1st session). Normally conducted at Goldsboro Physical Therapy. The athlete will be given an individualized physical therapy treatment plan targeting specific muscle weaknesses and/or flexibility concerns.
  2. Biomechanical motion capture using high speed video analysis software. This will be done on a local sport facility, baseball field, driving range, etc. (2nd session)
  3. Comprehensive analysis of the athlete’s mechanics using the computer interactive software. This will be conducted 2-4 weeks after motion capture. Data will be evaluated with recommendations for improvement.
  4. One on one review of findings with the athlete, parent, and/or coach. You will be given a detailed explanation of your results using live video review, written instruction, and photographic evidence. The instructor will explain any biomechanical concerns and review corrective measures (3rd session)
  5. Opportunity to correct mechanics on your own or preferably with your coach. Re-evaluation usually takes place in 30-45 days.

* You may also choose to come in to the clinic 2-3 times per week to work on your prescribed exercises under supervision.

Frequently Asked Questions

My arm always gets sore after throwing. Will this program help to address this problem?

Can a Biomechanical Analysis improve my throwing accuracy and velocity, swing speed, running speed/agility, etc?

Are my throwing, swing, running mechanics correct?

How is this different from working with a coach or personal trainer?