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Highlighted Services

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a treatment technique, in which small filament type needles are inserted into myofascial trigger points (known as painful knots in muscles), tendons, ligaments, or near nerves in order to stimulate a healing response with the goal of permanently reducing pain and dysfunction.

Employment Testing

Employers can save an average $30 for every $1 invested and reduce work-related injuries by 50-80% by implementing WorkStep’s Employment Testing Program. WorkSteps is designed to meet the critical need of employers for medically safe, legally compliant and defensible, scientific and objective means of matching a worker’s functional capabilities with the essential functions of the job.

Elite Athletic Performance

EAP was initially designed for baseball pitchers and overhead throwers. The biomechanical analysis program uses objective measurements and data collected from elite college and professional athletes at the ASMI (American Sport Medicine Institute) in Birmingham Alabama.


Over the period of time my wife has been seen at your facility, we are impressed by your seriousness of purpose, inquiring mind and professionalism. You all exemplify a standard of excellence. Mr. & Mrs. A.

With two games left to go in the season, I tore my ACL in my right knee. Right after surgery in Pittsburg, I saw Dr. Ken for my rehab and he was able to get me back on my feet and ready in time for the next season. Greg Warren

Long Snapper, 2005 - 2016, Pittsburgh Steelers

I feel, for the first time, that I am on the road to ultimate recovery. All of the staff was extremely courteous and encouraging. I really do appreciate all of your motivation. Barry Frazier

I have recently completed physical therapy at Goldsboro Physical Therapy. At the time of the initial visit, I was experiencing numbness and tingling in my right arm, thumb, and pointer finger. The treatment I received was outstanding! The therapists were knowledgeable, professional, courteous, and concerned. Today, there is no pain, no numbness, and no tingling in my arm and fingers. I strongly recommend Goldsboro Physical Therapy to anyone in need of physical therapy. Kay Fail